Top down racing game SuperTrucks Offroad 1.5 Update – New graphics and AI system

We are busy working on the big 1.5 update of our top down racing game for PC, and on mobile for Android and iOS!

Here is the list of upcoming features…

  • A complete graphics overhaul for the race tracks! After much disappointment over the years, we finally found a top environment artist, who we hired to completely revamp the game’s race tracks. Everything from the models to the textures and props have been remade from scratch, and on higher end devices the graphics will take advantage of PBR (Physically Based Rendering) which is the latest and greatest in game rendering technology that will give the game’s tracks a completely realistic look and feel!
  • A brand new AI system – There were many complaints about the AI in the game previously, we have thrown out the existing AI and replaced it with a completely new AI system where the AI trucks are much smarter and race more realistically!
  • A ghost car challenge system – Challenge other players of your skill level by setting a race time over 2 laps on any of the game’s tracks. Once your time is set, opponents can respond to your challenge and race against your ghost car and try to beat your time! You can also challenge players at the top of the leaderboard, if you beat their record time, your name will be at the top of the leaderboard for that track!
  • Lots of other improvements to physics, audio and bug fixes to come in the update too!

This update will come first to Steam, and then we will be releasing the game on mobile for Android and iOS and as we launch globally!

The Steam/desktop update is coming on 27 April, and the mobile/web soft launch is expected in Q2 2019.

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