Top down racing game – SuperTrucks Offroad – The big v1.5 update feature list

Here’s a quick update on the big 1.5 release that has now been released on Steam. This post highlights some of the new features.

The bulk of the work has been done, the new tracks are done, and the new AI system has been implemented! Right now the final polish, bug fixes and most importantly the fine-tuning of upgrades and AI trucks is being finalised. 

Improved environments
The race track artwork has been completely re-done from scratch, and uses the latest graphics enhancements such as PBR (Physically Based Rendering) to make the game look even more realistic. 

Improved truck cosmetics
The truck body paint and tyres now used improved shaders and look much better in-game. The truck customise screen has also been greatly improved.

In-game multiplayer notifications to get more matches
Many players complained that they had troubles matching people in multiplayer games. 

If you are in the main menu or a single player race, and somebody in your region opens the game, you will both get a ‘Game found’ notification. You have 5 seconds to press ENTER to join this game. If both of you do not press ENTER within the 5 seconds, the notification will disappear and you will not see another notification in that race.

If you both press ENTER, you will be taken into a multiplayer race. 

Currently multiplayer matching will match you with anybody within 10 levels of your player level. 

The matching will only occur if both players have completed the tutorial. So make sure the multiplayer buttton on the main menu is enabled.

Multiplayer sync improvements
Multiplayer sync has received a complete overhaul, synchronisation of opponents trucks is now much smoother and more accurate than it was previously. 

Longer content path
Previously players were completing the game too quickly, so the upgrade path is now more lengthy and costly, and players will need to race in multiplayer and daily challenge races to augment their income in order to beat the higher level AI opponents in career mode. Players will now need all 4 parts to upgrade a specific section of the truck , and will need to enter multiplayer or daily challenge races to get these parts.

Brand new AI system
The brand new AI system is complete and the new system has more realistic trucks to challenge you in career mode!

The update also includes too many other small improvements and bug fixes to mention….

Coming in the 1.5.1 update (roughly 2-3 weeks after the 1.5 Update)

An asynchronous challenge system with virtual cash betting.
Challenge another player to a race time on a specific track, and try set a race time they can’t beat! 

Place a bet in virtual cash, select an opponent, race your lap and they will receive the challenge and will race against your ghost car. The player who wins the challenge wins the virtual currency bet!

The update has been released on Steam. The update will be released on other stores in the coming weeks.


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