Stop procrastinating on your game project

If you want to stop procrastinating on your game project, here are my tips from working 9 years on an indie game, and how I get back into the swing of things after a while…

Get your head back into your tasks.

Using Trello, or any other task-management software, go into the board and re-organise. Do this organisation based on what tasks interests you and what you feel like working on. Read through each task, make some edits, and get a refresher of what needs to be done, make some checklists or edits as you feel fit. Make this your task for the day, it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes or so. The key point here is to re-sync your brain with your task board.

Keep going through those tasks in your head.

When you’re driving, on the bus, at work or wherever, start thinking about the tasks, and getting them in your head space. Think about how you’re going to implement a task and the details around it, or how you can make it better. It helps to think about a task you’re most excited to work on.

By now, you should start feeling excited about working on this task, move it to your In Progress list and start working on it. Make sure the task is broken down into checklists or sub tasks. After you complete each task, drag it to the completed list, to give yourself that sense of achievement.

Set small time milestones.

At the beginning, it might be hard to stay focused. But set yourself a time-based goal, of say one hour. Look at the clock on your PC, and say  to yourself, I’m going to work until an hour has gone. Make a mental note of the time.

Put on some music and get into your groove.

Follow through to your designated time, and work diligently. You might even find yourself willing to work a bit extra.

Tomorrow, repeat this all over again! Soon enough, you’ll be back in the groove and making good progress on your project!

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