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SuperTrucks Offroad 2 will be launching on desktop and mobile in Q2 2021…

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SuperTrucks Offroad 1 was a top-down racing game released on Steam nearly two years ago. The vision for the game was to make a modern day version of the arcade classic, Ironman Super Offroad, with a few enhancements and changes. Even without any marketing, the game went on to sell more than a thousand copies, which is not bad for a one man indie team that hired some artists to help along the way.

The goal however, was to make a top-down multiplayer racing game that was easy to pick up… and hard to master, that provided competitive racing, ranked multiplayer and leaderboards that players would compete on for a long time.

Ultimately, the original version of the game failed to deliver this promise, due to the following reasons…

Launching the game as a premium game on Steam (premium = a game having an up-front cost)

This meant having a very limited player base, which made multiplayer matchmaking a rare thing. This limited player’s to the game’s career mode, providing only a few hours of play and then leaving since nothing kills a game quicker than empty matchmaking lobbies.

No pacing of player upgrades

Within an hour or two in career mode, players could easily upgrade their truck to a near max level, leaving them little incentive to keep playing once the career mode final boss was beaten.

No ranking system in multiplayer

Even if players did  match make often enough, players would eventually get bored of racing as there was no over arching objective. No ranking system, leaderboards or season rewards for excelling in multiplayer.

An outdated UI

The game’s original UI was a mess of changes and hacks over the years of its development, resulting in a coherent mess which didn’t make much sense for a racing game.

SuperTrucks Offroad 2 fixes all these issues!

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SuperTrucks Offroad 2 will be free to play

The goal of a good multiplayer game is to get as many players as possible in order to create a sustainable community. With a limited one-man indie budget, it’s not possible to generate the numbers required to create a thriving multiplayer base with a game that has an upfront cost.

SuperTrucks Offroad 2 will be going to free to play, with in app purchases. Players can buy upgrade crates and customise items with virtual currency.

But we hear you ask, “Will SuperTrucks Offroad be pay to win?”

SuperTrucks Offroad was always a game mostly about skill. A player who takes every racing line perfectly and makes the most efficient use of their nitro around the track will always come out on top over a player with a faster truck with sloppy racing tactics. In addition, we have now changed upgrades to requiring all four of the correct category cards. These cards will be collected while racing. Although they can be found randomly in crates that can be purchased, players trying to buy their way through upgrades will find it very frustrating and expensive to get all the correct cards they need to upgrade each time.

A completely re-designed upgrade screen

Many players were confused and overwhelmed by the old upgrade screen design. The new design is vastly simplified. Only the current tier is now visible, and only 4 cards appear on the screen at once, which are relevant for the upgrade category you are viewing. The number on the top right of each card shows how many you own of each card, and to sell a card, you simply click on it. If the card is greyed out, you don’t have any of that card.

The biggest change now comes that you must use one of each card to complete an upgrade. So player’s cannot just spend money to upgrade, they need to collect all the relevant cards first through racing.

It will now take much, much longer for a player to fully upgrade their truck.

offroad game

Multiplayer will now be ranked

We have designed a ranking system for multiplayer separated into what is known as Leagues. The leagues will be Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Champion.

A new player will start in Bronze league, and each league has four divisions, i.e Bronze I, II, III and IV. Each time a player wins a race, a certain amount will be added to their MMR, or Multiplayer Match Rating score. The amount their score increases is determined by the difference in MMR score of each player they beat. Only the player who wins the race increases their MMR score, while each player who loses, loses a portion of their MMR to the race winner.

If a high rated player gets matched with a low rated player, and the high rated player wins, they will receive a lower MMR. However if a lower rated player beats the higher rated player, the lower rated player will receive a much higher MMR. This system is a simplified version of the ELO ranking system designed initially for Chess.

A complete overhaul to the multiplayer experience

The multiplayer in the original SuperTrucks Offroad fell short in many areas, in version 2, we have completely re-written multiplayer from the ground up with the following enhancements…

  • Multiplayer physics and race logic is now handled on the server, making it impossible for players to cheat
  • Player sync across the network is now vastly improved, there will be less rubber-banding, and players racing at high speeds next to each other, will be in near-perfect sync.
  • Collisions are vastly improved, as only one physics simulation will be running on the server, which updates each player client with the simulation results.
  • Collecting pickups such as nitro, cards and cash are now more accurate, with the correct player always receiving the pickup!
  • Multiplayer will always remain cross-platform, so you can play against your friends on PC/Android or iOS.
  • Servers are now hosted and created in an instant on the Google Cloud Platform in a server cluster closest to the players, for the lowest pings and best racing experience.
  • We’ve improved the matchmaking to progressively match you with players closest to your rank and skill level, to keep the racing competitive!
SuperTrucks Offroad 2 - Racing Screen

More single player content has been added

Players will now take much longer to go through the career mode, and cities will be locked by player level.

Previously players could finish career mode in under a couple of hours, this is no longer the case. Players will now have race tournaments to complete in between city mode races. In additional, since cities will be now locked by level, players will need to compete in Daily Challenges and multiplayer races to increase their XP level in order to unlock further cities.

The new race events screen design will feed the relevant races to the player as they progress.

Daily Challenge Races now use the game’s built in race ticket energy system, and daily rewards for the Daily Challenge will now be much greater, incentivising players to enter these events more often.

We’re excited for the launch of SuperTrucks Offroad 2! The game will be released on Steam, Windows Store, Facebook GameRoom and on mobile on Google Play and iOS sometime in Q1 of 2021, we’ve taken a lot of lessons learnt from the previous version of the game, and looking forward to seeing you in game, tearing up the competition!

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