SuperTrucks Offroad is an offroad racing game that is easy to pick up, but hard to master!

– Great graphics that run smoothly on both mobile and desktop platforms.

– Top down, broadcast or chase camera modes allow you to choose the best camera view to suit your driving style.

– Sand, mud and snow track conditions will test your off road driving skills to the limit.

– Race in single player career mode across 7 cities in the USA with each city having its own champion. Will you become good enough to beat the grand champion?

– An additional 10 race tournaments in career mode, each with unique tracks and racing challenges

– Race in real time against other players in the same geographic region…

– Compete in daily leader boards and win big prizes in the Time Trial, Long Jump and Obstacle Course racing game events…

– Customise your truck with a wide variety of decals, paint and tyre options.

– Win common, rare, epic and legendary crates containing an assortment of truck customisation items to fit your look!

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SuperTrucks Offroad Game Version History and Patch Notes (September 2nd, 2019)

  • Overhauled a lot of the sound effects in the game including UI, Nitro and many other sounds
  • Truck engine sounds are now pitched lower to be less intrusive
  • First race in career mode has been changed to a 3 lap, 20 second challenge to accustomise players to the racing feel
  • Added a minimap
  • Added slightly improved controller support for the menus, pressing ‘A’ on the controller will take you to the next screen, pressing ‘B’ will be the same as pressing the back button.
  • Improved truck reset now points your truck in the right racing direction
  • Player’s truck is now shown on the main menu (complete menu overhaul coming soon)
  • Improved the look of player labels in multiplayer
  • Fixed sounds not starting/stopping correctly
  • Fixed some barriers not reacting to truck sliding correctly
  • Fixed ‘Wrong Way’ dialog showing when going over some 4-way crossings
  • Customise screen now only rotates your truck when you actually drag inside it (August 4th, 2019)

  • Upgrade screen now has brand new category icons
  • Obstacle course now always uses the Chase Camera
  • Improved AI trucks driving around hairpins and sharp turns
  • Zoomed out camera on Broadcast camera view a bit so player can see better ahead of them.
  • Set steering sensitivity to maximum setting by default
  • Increased engine pitch slightly to make it sound more exciting
  • Tweaked vehicle gear ratios to improve acceleration and improve overall racing excitement.
  • Tweaked lighting in each scene
  • Made earlier races in career mode slightly easier
  • Removed auto matching multiplayer popup in main menu and race as it had too many issues.
  • Added a wrong way warning dialog when racing
  • Removed dialogue that appeared just before a race started as this was annoying some players
  • Improved visual feedback a little when driving over a pickup
  • Made pickup colliders bigger
  • Fixed issue where a player could not advance into the Nashville race in career mode.
  • Fixed game not running in full screen in some cases when window option unchecked in startup dialog.
  • Fixed issue with engine audio cutting out
  • Fixed loading dialog not disappearing sometimes during race
  • Fixed layout issues for screens with 19:9 aspect ratio
  • Fixed an issue where trucks were spawning inside the hill after a reset (May 9, 2019)

  • Improved truck tyre collisions with barrier. Truck tyres now collide with barriers more realistically and player should no longer get stuck in barrier.
  • Reworked Post Processing Effects, game now looks much better on Ultra quality setting
  • Changed top-down camera to more of a top-down view, and broadcast to a similar camera but with slower rotation.
  • Reduced player truck speed overall and fine tuned AI racing speed.
  • Fixed a bug where a truck could miss a checkpoint because it was auto-reset.
  • Fixed lap time format when showing leaderboard before race
  • Auto-reset/flip starting speed reduced to 15
  • Further suspension tweaks to prevent trucks from having awkward landings in some places.
  • Updated missing localised texts for all non-English languages. (May 3, 2019)

  • Fixed some suspension landing issues and implemented suspension upgrades slightly differently. The more upgraded your suspension now, tighter the body roll will be. Overall vehicle handling has been improved.
  • Truck reset now moves player back to the middle of the track. If the player is auto-reset, they maintain a decent speed instead of no longer stopping completely.
  • Added a 30% chance of getting a customise item from a cash crate. Gold crates now have 2 customise item chances at 30% each.
  • Improved appearance and added effects to customise cards when winning them in a crate.
  • Fixed the fake blob shadow not appearing under trucks on Low Graphics Quality setting.
  • Fixed Reddit link not working on main menu