Multiplayer Offroad Racing Game

SuperTrucks Offroad 2

SuperTrucks Offroad 2 is a multiplayer offroad racing game that will be released on Windows, Android and iOS.

The game is currently in alpha state and will be released in Q2 of 2021.
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SuperTrucks Offroad 2 is the successor to the original SuperTrucks Offroad, which released on Steam only at a price of $9.99, the completely reworked version 2 has many improvements…

A multiplayer offroad racing game that will be free to play

To have any chance of success, a multiplayer offroad racing game needs a large player base in order to create a sustainable, healthy community, so SuperTrucks Offroad 2 will be free to play.

Players can buy upgrade card crates and cosmetic items through in-app purchases.

But we hear you ask, “Will SuperTrucks Offroad 2 be pay to win?”

SuperTrucks Offroad was always mostly about skill…
A player who takes tight racing lines and uses nitro efficiently will prevail over a player with a faster truck and sloppy racing tactics…

Upgrades now require all four category cards. These cards will be collected while racing and in crates found at the end of each race.
Even though crates can be purchased, players trying to buy their way through upgrades will find it frustrating, time consuming and expensive to get all the cards they need to upgrade each time.


Enhanced in-race environments and graphics

We’ve completely re-worked the race track textures, improved post processing, and performance. The game now looks and runs better than ever!


A completely re-designed upgrade screen

Many players were confused and overwhelmed by the old upgrade screen design. The new design is vastly simplified. Only the current tier is now visible, and only 4 cards appear on the screen at once, relevant for the upgrade category you are viewing. The number on the top right of each card shows how many you own, and to sell a card, you simply click on it. If the card is greyed out, you don’t own that card.

The biggest change now comes that you must use one of each card to complete an upgrade, it will now take much longer for a player to fully upgrade their truck.

SuperTrucks Offroad 2 - Leagues Screen

A complete overhaul to the multiplayer experience

The multiplayer in SuperTrucks Offroad 1 fell short in many areas, in version 2, we have completely re-written this multiplayer offroad racing game from the ground up with the following enhancements…

  • Multiplayer will now be ranked, can you attain the esteemed rank of Grand Champion?
  • Multiplayer physics and race logic are now handled on the server, making it impossible for players to cheat
  • Player sync across the network is now vastly improved, there will be less rubber-banding, and players racing at high speeds next to each other, will be in near-perfect sync.
  • Collisions have been vastly improved, as only one physics simulation… running on the server will update each player’s screen with the simulation results.
  • Collecting pickups such as nitro, cards and cash are now more accurate, with the correct player always receiving the pickup!
  • Multiplayer will be cross-platform, so you can play against your friends, no matter if they are on Windows, Android or iOS.
  • Nitro will now be spawned more strategically during a race, allowing players to develop a strategy around picking up and using nitro.
  • Servers are now hosted and created in an instant on the Google Cloud Platform in a server cluster closest to the players, for the lowest pings and best racing experience.
  • We’ve improved the matchmaking to progressively match you with players closest to your rank and skill level, to keep the racing competitive!
SuperTrucks Offroad 2 - Racing Screen

Additional single player content

  • The new Race Events screen will feed races relevant to the player, based on their level and races completed previously…
  • We’ve added 5 new ‘Ramp Series‘ events that will have on-track ramps and tarmac, with each event having it’s own unique truck decal and tyre set you can unlock if you complete the event.
    In addition, ‘Ramp Series‘ events will be total chaos, with up to 8 trucks racing at once!!
  • When beating all 7 bosses in career mode, you will unlock ‘hardcore’ career mode, with all races taking place at night!
  • In total there are 186 single player race events!!!
  • We’ve added an achievements system to the game too, to reward you for winning races, completing laps, and more.
  • Rewards for the Daily Challenge will now be much greater, incentivising players to enter these events more often.
  • We’ve also added a load of new paint colours and tyre sets to keep your ride looking fresh!
    And we’ve added two new paint types, metallic and gloss, with new paint shaders to give your ride a new look.

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