SuperTrucks Offroad 2 Mobile Beta Sign up

Register for the SuperTrucks Offroad 2 mobile beta release.

Be one of the first players to try out the game on mobile!
Beta testers will get their own limited edition Beta Decal that they can unlock in-game with a special code.

The Beta version will be available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Completely over-hauled game UI

We’ve completely re-designed the game’s UI, we now have far more attractive looking, functional menus with easy access to everything you need to upgrade, customise and race!


Enhanced in-race environments and graphics

We’ve completely re-worked the race track textures, improved post processing, and performance. The game now looks better than ever!


A brand new Multiplayer experience!

We’ve completely overhauled multiplayer racing with a competitive ranked system, can you make it all the way to the esteemed rank of Grand Champion?
Player sync across the network is now vastly improved, racing is much smoother with improved physics and collisions, and we’re now running on Google’s server platform!

SuperTrucks Offroad 2 - Leagues Screen

Simplified upgrade shop

The upgrade shop has been re-designed into a much cleaner, easier to understand interface, that makes it easy to upgrade and sell cards.


New, dynamic race event menu

Race events will be locked and unlock as you level up, or complete certain events. The game will be focused on ranked multiplayer, but for players who still enjoy the single player experience, we are now offering additional Super Ramp Series events on tarmac, with each event having its own unique truck decal that can be unlocked!